Wilhelm Schmidt


Of all the rooms in my grandfather’s house, my favorite was the kitchen. In the morning, we would be awakened with smells of warm bread, whipped butter and homemade preserves. My sister and I would race to find our Grandfather, always the first one up, sitting at the kitchen table reading the morning paper with a hot cup of coffee and the beginnings of a delicious breakfast. As others trickled into the kitchen, my grandfather would make sure that everyone got their fill of pastries and enjoyed his favorite cherry jam.

On lucky mornings, my family would hear stories about my grandfather’s childhood in Germany and Russia and his incredible journey to America. He taught us about character, moral fiber and endurance without losing hope — a fascinating account of survival and thriving in a new country. Those lessons have stuck with me and to this day, his stories hold reverence and significance in my life.

During some of those treasured visits, I can still remember my Grandfather pulling a worn sharpening stone out of a drawer and inviting me to join him in his task. Holding one of my Grandmother’s kitchen knives in one hand and a stone in the other, he would sharpen and I would watch. 

Time stood still as my Grandfather and I conversed – through riveting descriptions, reflective silence and moments of humor only the two of us shared. At the end of our conversations and his sharpening work, he would always confirm that my Grandmother’s knives were like razors by cutting a tomato into perfect slices without spilling as much as a seed.

One day he handed the stone to me … “Now you try.”

My vision to live out the character and courage that touched me as a child writes the next chapter in Grandfather’s story. Schmidt’s Knives LLC is the first sharpening service to radically transform online sharpening as we know it. Our goal is to give customers the same love and attention my grandfather gave to those knives he pulled out of my grandmother’s drawer, serving personal and commercial customers with unsurpassed service and attention. 

Thousands of customers later, Schmidt’s Knives carries on the legacy of Wilhelm Schmidt by delivering the kind of quality and customer service that keeps America sharp.

Grandson, CEO and Founder –  Schmidt’s Knives LLC





We Became 1st


1st in America to File a Patent on a Return Box for Shipping Knives

We created 1 special box just for shipping sharp knives.  Safe, solid and secure, our boxes allow our customers to prepare any knife of any size for shipment in under 60 seconds.  We are the only mail-in sharpening company in the world that doesn’t require our customers to wrap their knives in newspaper before sending them to us.  Our simple, efficient design works to safely prevent blades from sliding through the sides of a box and handles our customer’s blades with tender loving care.   The result is the delivery of knives in mint condition every time.

1st in America to Eliminate Hand Written, Mail-Order Sharpening Forms

Schmidt’s Knives offers a whole new approach to mail-in sharpening. Instead of using dated paper order forms that had to be printed out and mailed in, we allow our customers to process their entire order online. We are the only online sharpening service in America that doesn’t make customers handwrite their own order and calculate the total cost by knife size. Customers don’t even have to figure out shipping costs, insurance or taxes since our easy payment system includes all of those expenses in a single amount. Payment is secure through our website, ensuring personal and financial information remains secure and private, instead of sending it out on a printed mail order form. Fast, safe, and secure – we created a better way.

1st in America to Create 60-Second Online Sharpening Checkout 

Every step in our sharpening process has been created for the convenience of our customers. We take the guesswork out of online sharpening to ensure customers spend less time on their sharpening services and more time using their sharp knives. We have focused on every detail of the online knife sharpening process to ensure it is seamless for our customers without sacrificing the quality of service we provide.

1st in America to Provide Temporary Knives

Your kitchen or business will not miss a beat – no waiting indefinitely for your knives to return.  Enjoy zero downtime with quality commercial knives we send as temporary replacements until your knives are returned. We understand that whether we are sharpening knives for your personal use or for your business, you rely on those tools to enhance the function of your kitchen and the quality of the cuisine you serve. Your replacement knives will come in your shipping box and you can send them back to us in the same box once your newly sharpened knives arrive. All of your shipping is included in your total price so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with extra expenses throughout the shipping process.

1st in America to Offer Automatic Front-Door Pickup 

We are the first company in America that tracks your box to your door and automatically schedules a personal pickup by USPS carrier the very next business day.  No driving to the post office, no standing in lines. You spend time in your kitchen, rather than running around town managing your knife sharpening service.

1st in America to Offer Restaurants a Cutlery Exchange Program by Mail

Your job it to run a restaurant, not worry about whether your knives are in top condition. Our team of professionals is ready to guide you through the mail-in sharpening service to keep your kitchen equipped with the tools you need to produce memorable meals and experiences for those you serve. The process is fast and easy, allowing you to attend to your customers while we attend to your cutlery. 

1st in America to Include All Shipping and Insurance

Why not make things simple?  Avoid those additional costs and surprises at the end of their checkout. Our prices include shipping and insurance so you know exactly what you are paying and what you are getting. Choose Schmidt’s knives and your knife sharpening experience will be stress and hassle-free. Guaranteed.

Schmidt’s Knives is like no other online knife sharpening service available today. Experience the difference yourself. Contact Schmidt’s knives through our online contact form or by calling us directly at 949-328-4016.

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We offer a money-back guarantee on every knife we sharpen, service or repair. We love what we do and we are passionate about taking our family’s legacy to a modern world. We want our customers to see our passion and our skilled workmanship in every aspect of our business.

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