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Schmidt’s Knives VS the other guys.

When it comes to online knife sharpening services, you have many companies to choose from today. However, when you begin to do a comparison of these businesses, one company stands out from the rest. Schmidt’s Knives approached mail-in knife sharpening from a whole new perspective – the perspective of their customers. As they designed their business to be as fast, efficient and customer-friendly as possible, they included features not available through other knife sharpening businesses today.

Online ordering eliminates need to print and mail.

Other mail-in sharpening services require you to print out an order form from their website that you must then complete by hand and send by mail. This process is both cumbersome and time-consuming, keeping you from getting the service you are requesting promptly.

At Schmidt’s Knives, the entire ordering process is handled online to make it quick and efficient for you, our customer. The online form requires you to provide minimal information and knives are listed by quantity, rather than size. You can request either a special shipping box or a shipping label with your order, depending on how you want to ship your knives and how quickly you would like them returned.

Patent-pending knife boxes make shipping safe and convenient.

Wrapping and boxing up your knives is one of the most burdensome components to the entire mail-in knife sharpening service. Binding each knife in newspaper is not only time-consuming; it is impossible to know if the paper will sufficiently immobilize the knife so it doesn’t come through the box during the shipping process. Once the knives are wrapped and boxed, you are then taxed with the job of getting them to the post office for weighing and sending.

Schmidt’s knives takes the pain out of the shipping process by providing customers with a complimentary shipping box specially made for knives of all sizes. These boxes hold knives secure so they arrive at their destination intact and undamaged. In addition, we provide customized bags to place the boxes into once they are packed for fast and secure mailing from any destination.

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All shipping is included. Always.

When you place your order with Schmidt’s knives, you receive all the shipping labels you need to complete your transaction. The shipping is included in your total price, so you know exactly what you will be paying for your online knife sharpening at the time you order your service.

In addition to pre-paid shipping, we eliminate the need for you to stand in lines at your local post office to mail your knives to us. Instead, you simply call a postal service to pick up your order right at your home or place of business. When the knives are sharpened, they will be shipped directly back to your residence or business, providing you with door-to-door service.


Sharpening discounts for multiple items.

Other knife sharpening services charge different fees for different knife sizes, requiring you to measure each of your knives when you place your order. You must tediously measure the knives and enter them individually on the order form, along with the separate pricing. The measuring task serves to prolong and complicate the ordering process, taking valuable time away from your other responsibilities.

At Schmidt’s knives, we charge a single prices for every knife, regardless of size. However, the more knives you send to us for sharpening, the less expensive your per-knife cost becomes. We will even let you know how many more knives you would need to ship to get your next discounted rate and the percentage of your savings to help you know the precise value you receive when you choose to work with us.

Essential security features like insurance on knives and secured billing.

Security is a huge concern for mail-in knife sharpening that requires you to print a form, fill it out manually and send it through the mail with your knives. First, you must write down your credit card number right on the form, unsure of who might see that private information. Second, you will be paying for your sharpening service in full up front, without knowing what condition your knives will be in when they are returned to you.

Finally, you will be asked to send your valuable and expensive cutlery set through the mail uninsured, unless you spring for the insurance out of your own pocket. We understand your knife set has likely been a significant investment for you, which is why we provide insurance for your precious set on all the shipping trips it takes to get serviced in full. We also charge you nothing but a $5 deposit when you send your knives in and don’t expect payment in full until your knives are returned to you in satisfactory condition.

Fast ordering, fast checkout, fast service.

Knife sharpening should not be a prolonged event; after all, those knives are an essential tool to your kitchen or your business. We understand the need for speed in this process, which is why we offer efficient ordering and lightning-fast checkout. Once your knives are shipped to us, our pledge is to service them the day we receive them so you get them back within days rather than weeks.

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Replacement knives provided – in case we aren’t fast enough.

Schmidt’s Knives understands that even going one day without your treasured collection can put you in a true bind. When we send your shipping box to you, we fill it with a selection of replacement knives to keep you in business until your own knives are returned. The replacement knives are high-quality cutlery that many of our customers choose to keep and add to their collections even after their sets are delivered.

Knife sharpening may not be a service you think about much – until you actually need it. When that time comes, the faster and more efficient the service is, the more likely you will use that service again and again. Schmidt’s Knives is committed to becoming your go-to online knife sharpening service, so we focus on every detail of the process to make it quick and easy for you. To learn more about Schmidt’s Knives, contact us today at 949-328-4016 or through our online contact form.