Mail in Sharpening Our Way


We care about customer convenience

Schmidt’s Knives offers a whole new approach to mail-in sharpening. Instead of using the dated paper order forms that had to be printed out and mailed in, we allow our customers to process their entire order online. Payment is secure through our website, so you don’t have to worry about writing down your personal financial information and mailing it off without knowledge of who might see it.

Tedious measuring and inconsistent packaging that required wrapping your knives in newspaper to send them for servicing have been replaced with efficient processes that are much more convenient and easy for you. Some of our services are even patent-pending, created specifically to ensure your time is spent using your newly sharpened knives, rather than sending them in for servicing and waiting for their return. We take the guesswork out of the knife sharpening business, ensuring you have sharp knives all the time so that you can maintain the tools you have rather than replacing them regularly.

Every step in our sharpening process has been created for the convenience of our customers, from customized boxes to ship your knives, to replacement knives while you wait for servicing of your own knives to be completed. Your kitchen or business will not miss a beat – no waiting indefinitely for your knives to return or scheduling knife sharpening services around the schedule of the sharpening company, rather than your own busy schedule.

We understand that whether we are sharpening knives for your personal use or for your business, you rely on those tools to enhance the function of your kitchen and the quality of the cuisine you serve. We are dedicated to ensuring your tools are in the best possible condition, without undermining the efficiency of your kitchen to bring them back to the highest standards of function and use. We have focused on every detail of the online knife sharpening process to ensure it is seamless for our customers without sacrificing the quality of the service we provide.

Our Promise

Schmidt’s Knives will treat your collection with the highest level of care and service, so you can continue to use those tools to serve your family or customers for many, many years. Our team of professionals is ready to guide you through the mail-in sharpening service to keep your kitchen equipped with the tools you need to produce memorable meals and experiences for those you serve.

Schmidt’s Knives provides a whole new approach to the online knife sharpening business. To learn more about our company or the services we offer, contact Schmidt’s Knives at 949-328-4016 or by completing the online contact form.