Mail-In-Sharpening Front Door Pickup


The Schmidt’s Knives Difference: The Pick-Up and Delivery Process

At Schmidt’s Knives, our goal is to make your online knife sharpening experience as easy and convenient as possible. Our unique approach to pick-up and delivery does just that – making it a snap for you to keep your knives in top condition without getting bogged down in the shipping process.

Automatic Pick-Up
When you order your knife sharpening online with Schmidt’s Knives, we will send you one of our customized shipping boxes to make it easy to safely send your knives to us. The shipping box will come with a label – prepaid – that you simply affix to your box when you are ready to send your knives to us. The boxes even come with their own self-sealing bags – forget taping up the boxes to prepare them for the mail!

At the same time we send out your shipping box, we will schedule a USPS carrier to pick up your knives the next business day. All you have to do is place your knives inside the box, put on the shipping label and leave the box outside your door – no complex packaging and no trips to the post office. We will send you both an email and a text reminder to let you know your personal carrier has been scheduled.

Changing Your Shipment
What if you don’t want to ship your knives on that particular day? No worries at all! Simply text or email us and we will adjust your shipping to a day that is convenient for you. We will also handle all the tracking of your package so you can simply sit back and wait for those knives to be returned in sharp, pristine condition.

Getting Them Back
Once your knives are sharpened, a process that usually takes less than a week with Schmidt’s Knives, you will receive notification by text and email that your knives have been shipped. We will track your shipment all the way back to your house for you. We will also give you the tracking information so you can check for yourself when your knives will be delivered.

Returning Replacement Knives
Many of our customers take advantage of Schmidt’s special service that supplies you with replacement knives while you are waiting for your own set to be sharpened. These knives will come in the shipping box you receive from us and you can simply remove your replacement knives and keep them until your own knives are returned.

Shipping your replacement knives back to us is just as easy as the rest of the shipment and delivery process. Once you receive your newly sharpened knives, remove them from the shipping container and put the replacement knives back inside. Seal up the box, affix the provided shipping label – prepaid – and place outside your door the next business day. Your personal carrier has already been scheduled by us to pick up your package and send it on its way.

Of course, if you decide you love your replacement knives and want to keep them, simply skip the shipping and we will bill you for the cost of the knives you would like to keep.

Schmidt’s Knives is taking online sharpening to the next level, with the most convenient shipping process available today. Allow us to take care of all the tedious details, while your home or professional kitchen never misses a beat. We’ve got you taken care of.

To learn more about Schmidt’s service, contact us today at 949-328-4016 or by completing our online contact form.