Serrated Knife 8 inch Dexter Russell Soft Grip


Dexter knives are built to excel in commercial kitchens.

Dexter knives are working knives designed to stand up to long hours of tough use.  Wider, durable blades of proprietary stain-free, high-carbon DEXSTEEL™ have super-sharp, long-lasting, easily restored edges. Contoured, right-sized, textured handles perform for long hours of use.

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Bread Knife, 8 Inch, Dexter Russell Soft Grip


Many of our knife sharpening customers are looking for a replacement bread knife while their own knives are serviced and this Dexter Russell model fits the bill. The curved shape and scalloped edge of this bread knife offers superb versatility for all of your kitchen tasks. In addition to becoming your go-to knife for all your bread-cutting needs, this knife cuts through hard rinds and firm skins to slice all of your fruits and vegetables with ease. Cut a cake with minimal crumbing and break up blocks of chocolate for baking in no time at all.


This serrated bread knife is crafted of proprietary high-carbon DEXSTEEL, which resists staining and stands up to years of use. Scalloped blades are individually ground to form multiple sharp cutting surfaces as the knife moves across your food. The soft grip handle is ergonomically designed for hours of comfortable use. This high quality bread knife is available for purchase from our website, as well as offered as a replacement knife for our knife sharpening customers.


Serrated Knife 8 inch Soft Grip

Dexsteel stain-free, high-carbon steel blade, contoured, right sized texture handle, NSF

Made in USA

Schmidt’s Knives sell “Made in America” Dexter Russell Knives.  The difference is better steel, and a quality manufactured product.  We DO NOT SELL cheaper “International” versions of these knives.

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